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Ivory Flame at the Natural Light Spaces

Earlier this year I realised that to improve my photography I needed to challenge myself, so I decided to pre-plan and shoot a set of fashion images. To do this I needed an awesome location and a model with the skills and style to help me deliver my ideas.

Finding a studio was easy, the Natural Light Spaces was a studio that had been on my radar for a while and was perfect for the ideas I had, with fabulous natural, a variety of shooting areas and anything you need to create a variety of images.

To make this work I needed a fantastic model who could pull of a variety of looks and styles, which is were the fabulous Ivory Flame came into the picture (pun intended). Just take a look at her website (as long as you promise to come back and finish reading my blog) to see why I knew she was perfect for my ideas - stunning images in so many different styles.

So after exchanging e-mails to agree the ideas and styles, the day finally arrived and I had to see if I could actually deliver the ideas from my head into here goes

Casual fashion

Boho Fashion

Attitude Fashion

A huge thanks to both Ivory Flame and the Natural Light Spaces, both of whom I can't recommend enough and will be looking to work with again in the future.

I hope you enjoyed the images and any comments are welcome

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