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Add an engaging title...

Well I decided to write a blog...and it all seemed quite a simple idea, but then as I fired up the app on my website the first prompt was 'Add an engaging title'.

Now it seemed a simple piece of advice, an engaging title, but then I sat here with writers block. I mean come on, it's only a title, how hard can it be. So what was I going to write about, ah yes, I was going to introduce my blog and the only title that sprang to mind was 'Introducing my blog' - hardly engaging and definitely not inspirational.

So what could the title be...and nothing came but tumbleweed. I mean it's just a title, I'm meant to be good at words, how hard can it be...

Well after beating myself up for a while, it seems it is very hard, in fact it has defeated me...So, I'm hoping to write more blog posts - but it depends if I can beat the first prompt on the app - the dreaded Add an engaging title...

So to sooth the pain of title block, here's a photo of Aberdulais Falls

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